Communication Concepts Integration is a technology innovator focusing on the rail vertical

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Communication Concepts Integration delivers products and services that utilize vision-based machine learning. Our focus on process automation has resulted in industry-leading solutions that enhance safety, increase efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Our mission is to provide enabling technologies to our customers that immediately impact the ability to improve business practices and implement change necessary for growth and competitiveness, while reducing operational costs.

  • Process Automation

    Computer Vision (CV) expands the capabilities of computers by extracting and processing data acquired by cameras and other sensors. The extracted information provides analytics of observed processes.

  • Applications of Computer Vision

    This technology opens new doors to process automation, safety and yard operations with enhanced security. Our vision solutions enable automation for intermodal yards, warehouses, distribution facilities and ports. Real time tracking and location of assets within a facility positively impacts business profitability and lowers operation costs.

  • Computer Vision as a Total Solution

    CV by itself is not a solution. The skilled integration of CV with other products and services are part of a turn key solution. C2I delivers a total end-to-end turn key solution utilizing data acquisition sensors, high performance computing modules and unmatched networking capabilities.

Turn-Key Solutions That Improve...


Prevent derails, determine track occupancy and provide predictive analytics.


Increase productivity by automating car and locomotive movement within the yard or maintenance hub.


Automate tasks within intermodal yard and distribution facilities.

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Meet—a next-generation checkpoint system that automates the gate process. Artificial Intelligence (AI) combines high-resolution imagery and data inferencing to authenticate site visitors, validate their business purpose, and identify assets within seconds. is modular and infrastructure-light, quick to deploy, and 100% tailored to each site's needs. solves common Ingress and Egress challenges of security, safety, accurate identification and validation, alleviating gate congestion and in-facility dwell times.

At start-up speed, was brought to market by innovation accelerators—ITS ConGlobal, Buckeye Mountain, Communication Concepts Integration, and Custody Chain. These multi-disciplinary experts merged best-in-class innovation practices, game-changing technology, robust communication infrastructure, automation, and industrial terminal knowledge to develop one of the most technologically advanced AGO systems available today.

Meet Our Technology Partners:

Communication Concepts Integration is a trusted partner and reseller for the most cutting-edge technology available today. This is the same technology that can be found in many of our products.


Communication Concepts Integration is a fast-paced industry leader focusing on computer vision based solutions within the transportation vertical. We are always seeking highly qualified individuals that are looking to work on cutting-edge technology.

We have positions for developers, machine learning engineers, software engineers and cloud engineers.